Wednesday, June 15, 2005

takayama matsuri

the giant puppets (most of them extremely old) at the takayama matsuri looked friendly enough.

then this one did her special trick...

apparently this was the way she used to operate, but for a while conservative social morays had seen her special feature disabled... she had recently been repaired so that, well, a lion comes out of her, er...

if the lion doesn't get you, the puppet-handlers will:


Anonymous blizzard said...

The scariest thing about these pictures is that you don't realize until the end of the series that the puppet-handlers are actually lurking in the background the whole time.

How many other times has my subconscious blocked the sight of the black hoods of the puppet men as they crouch not-quite-out-of-sight?

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Graymalkin said...

Paint a white circle and cross on them, and they coud be the Zodiac killer!

9:44 AM  
Blogger Daniel Heath said...

graymalkin: hell yeah. apparently they're used to having random serial killers / executioner types wandering around japan, b/c no one else batted an eye.

bliz: you should've seen me do a little backflip when those guys popped up out of nowhere... I didn't give you a long-shot; the thing the puppet is on is a raised platform on a big float, so they're like fifteen feet off the ground to boot.

there's definitely a conspiracy theory in the making there. "the puppet masters told me to do it... they always wear black hoods... I never know when they'll appear out of nowhere... they make people do things..."

12:39 PM  

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