Tuesday, July 11, 2006

follow the monkey

this blog is going dormant for a while, but I am still taking and posting photos. they will appear on my other blog, everything comes together at 2 a.m. please reroute your blog-reading algorithms appropriately.

below is a compilation of some of my favorite images from this blog's run; each one links to more from the same set.

kauai, hawaii

oahu, hawaii

house on the rock, wisconsin

yucatan, mexico

kyoto, japan
kyoto cemetery
buddha statue

merida, mexico
merida marketplace
merida cemetery
tree fungus

el cerrito, california

el cerrito

wildcat canyon

playa del carmen, mexico
playa del carmen

isla mujeres, mexico
isla mujeres

naoshima, japan

monroe, wisconsin

madison, wisconsin

yellow finch

oakland, california

takayama, japan
takayama matsuri

marin headlands, california
marin headlands

somewhere in ohio

costa rica


san francisco, california
san francisco pride
san francisco pride

matsumoto, japan
matsumoto castle

tokyo, japan
harajuku station


osaka aquarium, japan
osaka aquarium

tokyo fish market

monkey onsen, japan

monkey onsen

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oakland zoo - some kind of monkey

Friday, July 07, 2006

kauai, hawaii panoramas